banana seat bike chase

by nathan brown

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this was back when my music was truly original i had been living in a cave with minimal outside contact and just a handful of records from different genres. sometimes wish i would have stayed on this path, as "browningham" and "cheerleading" have become what's defined me musically. the track was named by my sister who, after listening, said, "this sounds like bad news bears banana seat bike chase music." i can relate to this - i won a blue schwinn banana seat bike in 1979 as part of a kellogg's cereal art contest to draw one of their characters. i chose "toucan sam" and won the bike. i remember being chased with my friends by older bullies on bigger bikes a few times. this was my soundtrack in hindsight.


released April 1, 1998
recorded in 1998 in a bedroom at danielle gomez' house (i was a roommate) in dallas, texas on my brand new hard drive digital recorder. i played all the instruments. tko brand childrens drums - recorded with one sm58 microphone propped on the edge of the bed pointing at the drumkit 3 feet away. keyboards used - roland juno 106, korg poly 61, moog opus 3, and a peavey dpm2 synth. bass guitar - fender jazz bass special.

now, i would probably use a click track to record all the instruments along with, then lay down the drum track. didn't think of that back then, so i memorized the drum part recording it without accompaniment. it has a more natural feel than my more recent drum machine stuff although the tempos are a little shifty. looking back, i enjoy the way the songs i recorded around this time sound more than subsequent recordings.



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