gotta get it outta here

by browningham

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recorded in 2003 and jan/feb 2005. the 2005 material was done at me and my wife's brooklyn apartment right before a month long march tour to texas and back. (she and our two roommates weren't pleased with the repetitive noise). a last minute effort, i left on tour without any cd copies or artwork. thought i'd get a spindle of cds and dupe them at somebody's house after a show. called my friend mike gergye on the way to baltimore. he said we could stay there and dupe cds, ect. he ended up mastering my mixes and printing artwork on cd envelopes in addition to duping cds all night. what a guy! the artwork was made during a game of cranium. i was asked to draw a toilet with my eyes closed. hung onto it thinking i'd use it for something someday.


released March 1, 2005

nathan brown - vocals, guitar, bass, drums, drum programming: yamaha rx11/casio rz-1/zoom mrt-3, korg poly 61 synthesizer, moog opus 3 synth/string/organ, casio mt-460, casio ct-310, korg 707, akai s2000 sampler, yamaha pss-470 children's synthesizer, korg symphony module, korg poly 800 mkII synthesizer, yamaha dd-11 electronic drums

dave karnes - drums on "i've been feelin' it"



all rights reserved


nathan brown Fort Worth, Texas

been around no avail.

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Track Name: urban lyrics
he, a kid from the streets. tryin' to beat...
all the odds that he was given
she, won't settle down, or come around
she's a high heeled loaded gun
love on the run, flyin' close to the sun
oh, tough 'n rough they'll give it their all
loves wreckin' ball
they'll give it up and go it...

alone, in the city. stealin' cars. flashin' titties.
slingin' hash. walkin' I-beams.
stealin' tires. fadin' blue jeans.

he down at the docks. lookin' to clock,
all the overtime he's givin'
she, dressed like a cop, without a top on
at a downtown gentleman's club
did it for love. sweep it under the rug.
oh, bitin' nickles into the night
look to the light. make it alright
they'll give it up and go it...


he revs up his bike. black motorcycle
after workin' 8 to 7
she, busy at work stripin' for jerk-offs
but her payday's comin' around
down on the ground. look what she found
a gold and diamond cufflink was lost
imagine the cost. motorcycle exhaust as they...
"come on. let's sell the jewel for a grand!"
Track Name: jogging in place
i'm jogging in place got sweat on my face
i won't slow down til i finish the race
i'm workin' hard...leavin' the lard
up the stakes and i'll lower the bar

jogging in place got sweat on my face
won't go out for the thrill of the chase
bringin' it in. watchin' the wind.
and goin' nowhere

if you want to draw me out
show what livin's all about
then you've got some work to do
cause i lost my walkin' shoes

if they call me fat or slow
then i'll tell you i won't go
doesn't matter anyway
jog in place for one more day
Track Name: award winning poetry
standing barefoot on the hot pavement
awaiting the breeze
in a daze from the heat
i fall to my knees
a flash of my fears
a puddle of tears
i see a reflection of me

but you have your hands on my eyes
and won't let me see
by body soaked from the salty sea
of these scared emotions revealing me

i kick and i scream
to find my face in the tears
you push and you shove
and heighten the strength of my fears

you preach what is fake
what i want you can't take
let me see let me see
can't stop me be free

lying wet on the hot hot pavement
i open my eyes
and realize
the hands were my feelings disguised

now i can see
what cause was denied
but now it's too late
the puddle has dried